Friday, January 15, 2010

Awesome Volunteer Meeting

Joe has been getting ready for his big volunteer kick-off meeting for sometime now. It's a new year...THE election he really wanted to start it off with a bang!! He set the meeting at the centrally located Western Sizzlin' in Wiggins and hoped that at least 30 people would show up.
We aimed to get out the door by 5:15 pm but the kids had other ideas. "I have to go to the bathroom. I can't find my shoes. I forgot my sweater...." You get the picture; Needless to say, we were later than we hoped.
The first thing I noticed upon arriving at the Western Sizzlin' was how packed it was. Then I noticed all the Joe Tegerdine for Congress signs, the bumper stickers, the American Flags, the truck that appeared to be glass etched with Joe's logo (I'm going to have to check on looked AWESOME), the car magnets, etc. It gave me such a feeling of hope. Maybe we'll have a good turn out, I thought.
When we walked in the room, I was floored. There were easily 50 people already there and we were 15 minutes early. By the time the meeting started, I counted 75 people who were engaged and ready to take back Washington D.C. by storm. These concerned citizens came from nearly every county, from all walks of life and from various life situations, but they were united in one cause...Ousting a 20 year incumbent and getting their voice in congress so the healing of America could begin.
It's not that I have anything against our Congressman personally, but it's time that he come home and let someone who is willing to FIGHT for the cause of freedom take his place. Our Congressman was given the opportunity to debate health care with the House and the Senate recently. Instead, he took off for a rock concert in D.C. When asked why he wouldn't attend the discussion, he commented something about not going to a meeting that discusses a bill he wouldn't vote for (see for more info). Well, thank you for your "No" vote, Mr. Taylor, but a "no" is not good enough anymore. Don't you get it??? How about putting your 20-year 6-figure salary to good use and actually DEBATE an issue, or PERSUADE your fellow congressmen and women to NOT vote for this monstrosity. How about REPRESENTING your constituents in S. Mississippi who would gladly stand up to Pelosi, Frank and Rangel? Business as usual has defined our congressman's 20 year career and the Time is NOW to put an end to it!


  1. That is a pitiful excuse for work! He does not deserve a paycheck! This career politician no longer represents the heart of his voting district. New leadership is required to squeeze out the corruption. Thank you for posting about this evidence of the Gene Machine's loss of scruples.

  2. Kerry, you are the "darlin" of S. Mississippi and beyond, and I do so get a kick out of your blog. I hope it goes to Washington DC with you!!! There's no doubt you're on your way. Keep it up, girl!