Monday, February 1, 2010

Once upon a tacky Topiary

I bought these cute topiaries forever ago when we lived in Niceville, FL. We were fresh out of law school and on a super tight budget...I think I got them on clearance for 2.50 a piece. I loved them back then but over the years, they've gotten that hum drum quality about them (note the green pots that now drive me nuts). I've been busy wasting precious time on blogs such as shanty2chic and and have gotten some serious inspiration. I painted the ugly green right off of them, took out the craptastic moss and replaced it with river rocks from the Dollar Tree (I like that store, I'm not gonna lie) and put a super cute bow on it. I think it turned out much cuter!!
Now I want to rant about the supposed frugality of crafting your own stuff. When I read all these blogs about "how cheap" it is to repurpose old things into new things, these craftaholics fail to mention that they already have the paint, the sandpaper, the river rocks, the wood, etc. on hand. They've been crafting so long, they forgot that they actually had to make a purchase at some point to buy all the supplies that us newbies don't already have. Anyway, all my repurposing hasn't been cheap and I wanted to warn any of ya'll who want to join in the crafting craze. It sure has been fun, though, so start blazin' your own creative trail and join in the fun!!

What $19 bought the Tegerdine's

So, I have a new passion...couponing. I've been busy getting the Sunday paper and clipping and clipping away. I even let my kids cut some out (the ones I don't, for dog supplies. My children desperately want a dog...I desperately want my sanity...I let them cut coupons for doggy things "in case I change my mind." I'm mean and I don't care!!) I digress...So, I had my coupons, I had some great rebates that I snagged from a website...don't know the name, sorry, and Walgreens had some great sales...The PERFECT STORM!!! I purchased the above products for...Drum roll please...NINETEEN DOLLARS!!! That's right. I braved Walgreens in Hattiesburg with ALL four kids in tow and MAN, was it WORTH it!!! See all the goodies I got??? I got three boxes of Kellogg's cereal, a bottle of Oil of Olay Regenerist lotion (retail value: $26...I had a coupon and a rebate so it was free), a box of Kleenex, four bottles of Vicks medication, some gum, some toiletry stuff and three boxes of mac and cheese for when the babysitter comes to watch my children (I swear, it's only for the sitter. I cook healthy, nutritious meals nearly every night!!). I was so super duper excited and I can't WAIT to do it again!! Hey, campaigning is expensive and someone has to watch our budget while Joe is blazin' a trail.

Home decor transformations

So, I've been a bad blogger. I knew I would be so I feel no guilt, thank you very much. I HAVE, however, been a very good crafter. I have wanted to spruce up some of my less than aesthetically pleasing decor for some time now and I finally got around to it. This sad, sad little orchid was purchased at a yard sale in Destin, Florida (Yes, I DO yard sale when I go out of town when I should be at the beach soaking up the sun...I love a good deal, as anyone who knows me can attest). So anyway, I purchased this pathetic little guy for a buck and painted and glazed away (see the pretty new pot in the above picture...I have no CLUE how to format these blogs...maybe one day), then I purchased new greenery when it was 50% off at Michael's, added new moss stuff, and viola...much nicer. I intend to post many more transformations as the time goes by...Hey, I need SOMETHING to do while my husband blazes a trail!!