Monday, February 1, 2010

What $19 bought the Tegerdine's

So, I have a new passion...couponing. I've been busy getting the Sunday paper and clipping and clipping away. I even let my kids cut some out (the ones I don't, for dog supplies. My children desperately want a dog...I desperately want my sanity...I let them cut coupons for doggy things "in case I change my mind." I'm mean and I don't care!!) I digress...So, I had my coupons, I had some great rebates that I snagged from a website...don't know the name, sorry, and Walgreens had some great sales...The PERFECT STORM!!! I purchased the above products for...Drum roll please...NINETEEN DOLLARS!!! That's right. I braved Walgreens in Hattiesburg with ALL four kids in tow and MAN, was it WORTH it!!! See all the goodies I got??? I got three boxes of Kellogg's cereal, a bottle of Oil of Olay Regenerist lotion (retail value: $26...I had a coupon and a rebate so it was free), a box of Kleenex, four bottles of Vicks medication, some gum, some toiletry stuff and three boxes of mac and cheese for when the babysitter comes to watch my children (I swear, it's only for the sitter. I cook healthy, nutritious meals nearly every night!!). I was so super duper excited and I can't WAIT to do it again!! Hey, campaigning is expensive and someone has to watch our budget while Joe is blazin' a trail.

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  1. My dad has 12 brothers and sisters. I can not imagine how someone manages just to feed that many children, much less all the other responsibilities.

    It is even worse in today's society. Things are so expensive and wages just have no kept up with the rising cost of basic items like - cold medicine and mac & cheese (I always cook nutritious too;0) Coupons do help a lot!